• 2018.09.18
    Activity of GabbyTokyo was posted in the classified advertisement column of English news "Metropolis".
  • 2018.08.01
    Disclosed ads on FaceBook for international people interested in Japanese all over the world.
  • 2018.07.27
    GabbyTokyo posted student recruitment ads on English news "Metropolis".
  • 2018.07.19
    We opened Facebook Official Website of GabbyTokyo,
  • We announced press release on opening Facebook Official Site of GabbyTokyo as a disclosre of Reg FD.
  • 2018.06.19
    We published Google responsive ad for people interested in Japanese around the world
  • 2018.06.08
    The press release for North America "GabbyTokyo, Your Companion for Conversational Japanese Language Service Is Here" has already been delivered to 274 news agencies.
  • 2018.06.02
    GabbyTokyo delivered English press release for North American continent (USA, Canada)on June 1, Eastern Standard Time 0:00 (JST 13: 00).
  • ”BUSINESS WIRE, USA" published our articles.
  • "Watertown, USA" published our articles.
  • ”National Post, Canada” published our articles.
  • 2018.06.01
    "Asahi Newspaper Digital" published our articles.
  • We released a press release "GabbyTokyo is a full-fledged open and recruitment of International students begins."
  • ”Sankei Biz" published our articles.
  • ”@PRESS” published our articles.
  • 2018.05.29
    We applied for registration of trademark with the Japan Patent Agency.
  • 2018.04.27
    "We launched" GabbyTokyo "which provides Japanese conversation learning service" press distribution
  • 2018.04.24
    "A notice on GabbyTokyo opening" press release has been mplemented.
  • 2018.04.10
    GabbyTokyo official website opened.

GabbyTokyo is a service, you can take Japanese lessons on a one-on-one basis with tutors.

In GabbyTokyo, you can take Japanese lessons without worrying about time and place regardless of your country of residence or nationality.

You just need a device connected to the internet such as a smartphone or a personal computer, and a free application of Skype.

Feel free to those who want to enjoy Japanese conversation!

Please enjoy Japanese conversation comfortably at GabbyTokyo.

If you want to simply talk at your own vacant time, you can use this GabbyTokyo.

Please improve your Japanese skills by increasing the opportunity to talk in Japanese in your everyday life.

Free trial

Free membership registration

Free membership registration is completed just by sending your nickname,
mail-address and password from registration form.

Preparation of Skype

GabbyTokyo use Skype that is toll-free application to talk with tutors.

Reservation of the lesson

Just choose lesson date and time.
Please select the button of the lesson feasible time (slot) of the tutor, and temporarily hold "schedule", and then you can wait for instructor's approval. After the instructor approves, your "reservation" become fixed.

Start of the lesson

Please wait while setting up Skype.
The tutor will call you at the reserved time.

The description of this site (hereinafter referred to as “GabbyTokyo site”) is a material to explain the service contents of GabbyTokyosite. It shows the information that is currently available for the students to review, and does not show the accurate interpretation or analysis of laws and ordinances/financial statements etc.
Although GabbyTokyo site is carefully described, it does not guarantee the comprehensiveness, accuracy, or completeness of the contents. Please note that the listed contents are those at the time of description, and may be subject to change without notice. In addition, all rights relating to the contents are reserved by the producer, and any content in GabbyTokyo site is prohibited to use, duplicate, or transfer for a purpose other than those mentioned above without prior written consent.
[Standard Time]
Japan Standard Time (JST) is used as the standard time for GabbyTokyo site. The processing time such as start of the lesson, start and end of the service, payment of the fee is all defined in Japan Standard Time (JST), so it is not the local standard time of the student. Please pay attention to the standard time especially when taking a lesson outside of Japan.
[Lesson established / not established]
In GabbyTokyo lesson, the lesson fee may sometimes return as a merchandise or reimburse, if it is judged that the lesson is not established due to natural disaster, blackout, poor connection, unexpected accident or illness of lecturer/student or other unavoidable circumstances. The establishment of the lesson shall be judged by the lecturer and the headquarters of GabbyTokyo.
GabbyTokyo site is described in Japanese as the official text, and English or other languages translated from Japanese text are regarded as temporary text. Please note that Japanese contents are treated as the correct sentence in case there is any discrepancy or flaw in the contents of English or other languages.
Japanese Yen (JPY) is used as the standard currency to describe the amount of money such as prices in GabbyTokyo site. Please note that GabbyTokyo is not involved in any loss or opportunity cost when the student pays the fee in other currencies such as USD, CNY, or EURO by exchanging to JPY through third party settlement organization such as PayPal and credit card companies.